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Improvement of small houses

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015

Improvement of small houses

Living in a small house or apartment is becoming common thing in modern lifestyle and it actually has some advantages. Narrow living space means less footage to heat and cold, fewer rooms to clean and decorate, less effort, time and money demanded. The only trick is to know how to turn your limited living space into practical, purposeful and a roomy like house.

If you’re decorating a newly purchased or just – built small house or you simply want to do some home improvement and refreshing of an existing interior, there are some smart ideas on how to squeeze the best out of your limited space.

AAA_Lending_couple_LSOne of the simplest ways to give a whole new look to a room is a color. General advice is to paint both, the walls and the ceiling white or in some similar bright color. Bright colors open up a room and create an illusion of a space being wider than it actually is. In addition to that, make a color contrast with flooring. Use dark colors and some rich, warm texture of the carpet to keep the room together and accent the brightness of the walls. Painting the doors, windows and entry dark also makes the space appear bigger than it is.

Mirrors, curtains and combinations of lighting are magical ingredients. Large mirrors expand the depth of room. Elegant curtains make impression of a space added vertically and a natural light you can get by using bay window, for example, amplifies the effect and illusion of wide, comfortable and cheerful space. When it comes to buying new or remodeling already existing furniture, golden rules are to keep it simple and to think vertical. Small – scale furniture made of elegant, classic materials is practical and stylish, but helps you avoid the effect of overstuffed place and visual noise.

In order to get the best out of small footage, use tall furniture, different kinds of built-ins, like a built in bookcases or various modern furniture pieces designed to perform multiple duties. The trouble with small rooms is that you need to keep them neat and clean. Otherwise then easily end up looking messy. For this purpose, it’s useful to provide a lot of storage room. You can add up storage space by buying customized closets or by designing these kind of element yourself. Think creative and leave no space unused.

How to improve your house's exterior

Floor space can be conserved by installing a spiral staircase and narrow doors leave more free wall space. Both elements make a visual effect of room looking bigger than it is. One of innovating solutions for maximizing modest space is storage under the stairs. Take the advantage of otherwise empty space under the stairs and create some closets or drawers there. The cabinets stretching vertical almost to the ceiling are powerful and handy trick. If you paint them nicely, they will fit over-all interior and yet be packed with function and useful in so many ways. Corner cabinets and deep drawers are also perfect solution for space utilizing in the kitchen.

Small apartment in a big city becomes a symbol of a modern life, but that should not prevent you from getting the best out of your space and making it work for you with both, a function and a style. The only trick is to think out of the box if you’re planning to live in a box-like house.

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Home improvements – improve your resale price

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015

Home improvements – improve your resale price

At some point of your life, you had spent a lot of money to buy or build the house you live in now. Later on, you spent some more money on regular maintaining and occasional repairing and remodeling. And now you’re planning to sell that house. Before doing so, perhaps it’s wise to postpone any actions for a while. On one hand, you might catch some promising periods at the real estate market. On the other hand, there are some tips and trick on how some small home improvement projects can actually add value to your home and how a little more investment can pay off when you finally sell your home.

tutorials-112-0-76610000-1413180681Depending on a budget you have and your financial limits these home improvements vary from a modest refreshing to significant renovating projects. Probably the best way is to start with consulting a professional. Paying a reasonable fee to some interior designer to inspect your home and suggest you some improvements can help you improve the overall impression of your home. Designer will usually propose you to repaint the walls or rearrange the furniture and these changes can really be effective. Rooms repainted in some elegant, neutral color seem clean and fresh and appeal to many potential buyers.

Sometimes necessary improvements ask for more than a makeup. Some fundamental problems, such as roof decay, termites, wall cracks, problematic electrical installations or a water leaks can cause serious damage and lower the total value of your home.
Again, hire a professional to inspect these fields and do not put off repairs. Basic updates and routine maintenance make your house look like safe and sound place, a house in a good condition and that impression gets the sympathies among buyers always.


Do some research and find out all the ways to cut your energy costs and maximize energy efficiency of your home. Installing energy – efficient windows is a good start. On the other hand, having an air conditioner in a living room and water filtering systems in a kitchen seems like a luxury at first, but buyers love these and they do add value to home.

кухня-desiger-8624660The most expensive home improvements are the ones that maximize your home value and asking price. Even a small innovation and update in the bathroom and kitchen have a significant impact. Replace your old vanity or countertops, get a brand new carpet, fix plumbing or add some modern, inspiring lighting. Also, adding more square footage to your house is way too expensive, but with just a few tricks you can remodel existing rooms and get another highly cost – effective innovation.

Avoid investing into low-value improvements that don’t appeal to majority of potential buyers. Skip installing swimming pools, whirlpool baths and expensive landscaping.

Generally speaking, try to take a look at your own home from a buyer’s point of view. People want safe, sound, well – cared, purposeful house that looks neat, cozy and promising. Make improvements and changes that add up to these impressions.

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